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1-day Bird and Leaf

1200 7" x 9" x 6"

  • Hand carved
  • 2-year warranty
  • Traditional walnut finish
  • Made in Germany for Sternreiter

This charming and inexpensive cuckoo clock gives you all the basic functions of a traditional cuckoo clock. The leaves and bird are hand carved from solid Linden wood. When the clock strikes the hour or half-hour, the door opens, a cuckoo appears and calls along with the clock's gong strike.

This clock is hand made in Germany and is distributed by Sternreiter and North Coast Imports. The mechanical brass movements is driven by two weights and time escapes with the tick of a traditional pendulum. The cuckoo call sound is made by two wooden whistles with bellows inside the clock case.

Even the packaging has old-world charm, as only paper is used. The factory packing is all made with recycled materials. This clock makes a great gift for the young and old alike. Perfect for modern or traditional decor!

This design is the most popular of all cuckoo clocks, and therefore is available with many different movements and configurations.

The price of this clock is $ 169.00 including standard ground shipping.

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